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Friday, December 20, 2011 Introduction. In order to achieve prosperity, peace, and harmony, one of the important factors is the harmonious coexistence and co-operation between the races inhabiting the Indian subcontinent. Such harmonious coexistence and co-operation is possible only when the various social, religious, and national interests of the various races are brought into balance.  To this end, the Hindu-Muslim unity is of the utmost importance for the good of the Indian nation. To this end, the leaders of Islam in India, who are Muslims and secularists, and who are the trustees of the Islamic heritage of India, should render their co-operation to the Hindu-Muslim unity. If they do so, their reward will be great and their cooperation will not go in vain. However, even in the Muslim countries, there are people who consider the Islamic ideology to be the most important factor, and thus they consider it their duty to oppose the Muslim rule, either directly or through the Nationalist movements . The idea of Muslim rule in India has now become an explosive issue, and it has so-called secularists, who claim that a secular state should be created in India, because they see the Quran as the holy book of God. Their anti-Muslim bias is undoubtedly against the Indian nation and the Indian constitution. There are also people who say that the Quran is the holy book of Allah, and its importance is beyond that of the Bible, and that the Quran is the source of all holy books, and therefore it should be the highest authority. However, the supreme goal of Islam is to unite all humanity into one brotherhood, whether it be through the rule of one race or of all races. It is in this context that the Muslim leaders in India should co-operate with the leaders of the Hindu community to achieve prosperity, peace, and harmony. Therefore, one of the major tasks of Muslim leaders in India is to bring to the fore the positive elements of the Muslim legacy in India, and to eliminate the anti-Islamic tendencies and the destructive elements that are within the Islamic heritage. Therefore, they should avoid anti-Islamic attitudes in their official speeches and writings, because they represent the Islamic legacy of India, and therefore they have the power to help promote the Indian culture and society. In addition to their official duties, the Muslim leaders must also devote their time and efforts to enlighten the Muslim masses about the



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